Discover The Hidden Levers For Amplifying Native Ads Profits And Increasing Your Bottom Line, Without Competing On Bid Prices Or Stealing Content From Competitors

Join The Challenge, Get Unstuck And Leverage This Little-Known Blueprint For Sustainable Profits And Growth

Your goal of scaling to 7 or 8-figures lies on the other side of your conversion strategy.

But with rising industry costs and endless hurdles, most media buyers fall before they get to fly in this business.

We created this “5 Day Mastermind” Virtual Event to change that. In under a week, you’ll get the access codes for creating consistent conversions through our proven, profitable, low-hanging fruit strategies.

An Intensive 5 Day Virtual Event Where We Will Get Hands-On And Guide You Through The Nitty Gritty, Finest Details Of Your Campaigns
By Joining Us On Zoom In September…

Finally, You Can:

STOP wasting money on outdated testing strategies, poor engagement rates and advice that doesn’t work.

Not only that, but get instant clarity on how to drive better campaigns by working smarter, not harder.

The best part is, you can grow with an inner circle of hungry, successful native trailblazers all throughout 2023!

A Look At EXACTLY What You’ll Gain From This LIVE 5 Day Training

Access Previously Locked Levels Of Profitability

In as little as 5 days, you’ll learn how to scale campaigns for any product under your wings from industry experts and network insiders. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have the tools to consistently produce the same results on your own for the future.

Create A Life With Intention

Not only do we spill the beans on maximizing profits and ROI, we show you exactly how to use it in order to create lasting progress as well as a business without limitations.

Stand On The Shoulders Of Titans

ROI Marketplace founder, Joe Burton and his Leaders will be sharing their personal strategy for holistic native marketing, so you can learn and earn from their combined decades of knowledge and experience.

Trade Secrets From The Trenches

ROI Marketplace generates tens of millions in revenue each year for their clients. Learn their trade secrets, stop navigating blindly and discover exactly which levers you need in order to pull and improve your CPAs/EPCs drastically.

Witness Interviews With Industry Insiders

We are hosting interviews and roundtable discussions with Richard Marquees, CEO of RevContent as well as representatives from Outbrain, Pushnami, PowerInbox, and Taboola, showing you the insider tricks to optimize each network.

Day 1: Network Optimisation

On Day 1, we’ll focus on the different networks to run campaigns with and opportunities for you to capitalize on as soon as possible.

Learn how to establish the correct setup for each network in a detailed environment.

Discover what trends your competitors are working on and take action fast!

Deep dive into RevContent, including an interview with the CEO, Richard Marquees.

Day 2: The Power Of Content

Day 2 is all about working smart by sticking close to the money and focusing on what your customers care about the most.

How to move away from “the swipe life” and create your own powerful content.

How to dissect/review your analytics to constantly improve your split testing.

Ways for your business needs to improve on efficiency & stay ahead of rising operational costs.

Day 3: Importance Of API

On Day 3, we’ll show you why you need to be working with an API to track your CPAs, EPCs and engagement rates.

We’ll demonstrate how to correctly perform a data analysis in order to track your campaigns.

Discover the game-changing APIs that will expand your business to new heights.

Deep dive into Outbrain. Learn how to optimize your dashboard with a certified Outbrain expert.

Day 4: Push Traffic And Network Overview

On Day 4 we’ll be looking into advertising on Push Traffic and how you can maximize your ROI.

The importance of push traffic and why it goes hand and hand with your native campaigns.

How to integrate push traffic within your funnels in order to stay profitable in 2023.

Discussing why push traffic works and the right campaigns to launch when scaling your offer.

Day 5: Email Native And Lead Generation

Finally, we wrap Day 5 up by equipping you with the tools, and knowledge to bring new forms of Native into your funnel. Also, we’ll show you how to implement fast paced lead generation campaigns.

How to grow a lead generation campaign from start to finish.

Email Native Marketing and how to generate quick returns.

Growing your brand through the power of a native funnel.

Believe It Or Not, You Were Meant To Grow Fast And Thrive. Not Drown Amongst The Sea Of Other Media Buyers

If you’ve blamed yourself for not finding “lasting success” with your offers, it’s not your fault.

You’ve been told by friends, YouTube gurus and the media that you can simply grind your way to greatness.

Here’s The Reality

The road to explosive and consistent conversions is littered with challenges.

Rising business costs, competition overload and stolen content left and right.

These speedbumps slow you down, leave you out of pocket and wear your patience (and margins) thin.

This Is Where Most People Cave In And Quit

But what if there was a better way?

A way to get off the hamster wheel and level up to your new position as an elite native advertising giant.

You need to unlock your inner marketing maverick, take the path of least resistance and grab the low-hanging fruit that will massively transform your offers.

This mastermind will get you there.

How Exactly Does This Mastermind Work?

This is not a service pitch. This is not about selling tools. This is a 5 day deep dive into how to evolve your native campaigns.

The 5-Day Mastermind was designed with your business in mind. All you need to do is show up, absorb the information from leading experts and take action.

Register for the course as soon as possible. This is your chance to grow!

Attend the 5 LIVE Zoom Meetings, where experts share their knowledge.

See benefits of higher EPCs, ROI, and profits to help scale your offers!

Are You Currently Trapped Under A Ceiling Of Low Profitability?

If you’re obsessed with driving traffic to your offer, you may be stuck under a ceiling that limits your success.

Essentially racing backwards down the highway while your competitors speed towards the finish line.

On top of it all, the stress of not moving the needle in your business can lead to mental and emotional burnout.

If This Is You…

You need to lead the race by focusing on the ONE area of your business that matters most – conversions.

This is what we teach inside the 5 Day Native Mastermind.

Join us and discover the consistent actions that can blow the roof off your earning potential.

Will you rise to the challenge?

“I Advise Every Media Buyer, Big Or Small, To Step Up And Claim What’s Theirs.”

A Word From ROI Marketplace CEO, Joe Burton:

“If you don’t believe you deserve great things in life, they won’t come to you.

A lesson on self-worth I learned over the years of helping countless brands spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions on native ads each month…

You see, most media buyers get caught up in the wrong daily actions. They freeze up at the thought of actually reaching their goals. And instead of making a swift change, they keep working at the same thing over and over.

For one simple reason…

If you don’t learn the skills and strategy to guarantee your success, you’ll subconsciously hold yourself back from ever achieving the goal in your sights.

I created this mastermind to make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s less about my secrets, and more about showcasing that YOU can create the big wins needed in order to change your business forever.

To help you reach out, grab your business by the horns, and steer it into a new wave of growth.

All in the span of 5 days.

By the end, you’ll have all the tools and self-belief necessary to transform your offers into an industry-leading, profit-generating machine.”